First off, thanks for taking the time to visit this page - it is very important to us! 

We are passionate about a couple things: 

  1. Sweet Design and, 
  2. Helping those less fortunate than us



Our mission is simple:

  • To give, in tangible and intangible ways, to the needy
  • To love and treat others the way we’d want to be treated
  • To share together our faith & hope with all who will listen
  • To connect the ZeroThree community with the homeless community on a personal level

Why help the homeless? (Besides the obvious) The Founder's Story:


A lifetime ago, in ‘sin city’ Las Vegas - during my first job as a slot machine designer, I drove 

into the parking lot of a shopping center to park & grab some lunch. However that day would 

change me. Unlike anything I have ever felt before, a very strong Voice deep inside told me that 

I needed to go and pray with a group of homeless looking people that we’re huddled together 

in the parking lot. I tried to shrug off ‘the feeling’ to talk to them, but it was impossible -  It felt 

magnetic. This was the beginning of my hearts mission to help the needy, in tangible and 

non-tangible ways.


Over the years, we built friendship and trust - we prayed with and for each other. It is a beautiful 

and rewarding exchange. I realized this: God calls us to give, not to judge - if we give, God 

promises to bless. So I encourage you, the next time you pass that homeless person on the 

corner, and your first thought is judgmental, try to do something different and look at them with 

eyes of Love - and remember, God LOVES US ALL THE SAME - there is nothing we can do for 

God to love us any more or any less! Let’s commit to love others in word AND deed!

What's the REAL deal with the whole "BUY & GIVE" thing?

The fact is that each and every single item that we sell, we take the needed funds to feed a meal

to a person in need, and give it to a homeless shelter that has calculated what it takes to feed one

person in need. And, of course, your purchase does WAY more than just feed a hungry stomach,

it shows that person that we care and love them - helpers are there to feed, but also encourage

and share with that person the Good News of Jesus. I'd say THAT alone is worth more than money!


If we can love others, and open our eyes, we can see that a simple selfless deed can impact a life





Join us! Join the ZeroThree movement to changes lives IN OUR HOMELAND!